Christ in Me, the Hope of Glory.

Sometimes I get a bit lost.. I learn something new from a sermon, or a book I’m reading, something really cool about God – and then somehow I get so caught up in this new ‘fact’, concentrating on living it out in my life that I start losing sight of the essence of it all.

I was becoming distracted by all these new things, and then slowly starting to get frustrated by all the ways I was falling short, and not feeling ‘into’ God in worship, or inclined to do anything particularly ‘spiritual’. Prayer was hard, quiet times were short, God seemed far.

But then, while painting K’s house I was listening to some sermons from my grandma’s church, and the speaker kept emphasising Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – and I just realised how much all these truths had crowded out Christ in me. I’d become so distracted by all the theory and the philosophy, I’d forgotten my Saviour in it all.

And so, these last two days I’ve just been clearing out all the additions so I could just get back to Jesus – how amazing, how big, how incredible he is, how much he’s done, how much he deserves, how much I should praise him.

And it’s brought me back from wherever I was, back to a place of quiet meditation. I’m sorting out my heart from all the clutter that’s crowded out Christ, and learning how to start fusing it to my knowledge of him, and not replacing him. Hopefully now, they should be things that draw me to praise, not frustration.

If you’re interested in the sermons, they’re the ones (part 1, 2, 3) from 5/11, 5/04 amd 4/27/08 by Mark Vroegop.