Euro Coinage

I’m melting away here in Italy, but loving the hot weather all the same. I find that when you sweat, your energy is also going out through your pores, so where a 30minute walk on a regular overcast day in England would do you no damage at all, here you have to take regular rest stops every 10 minutes… even when you’re walking in the shadows of the buildings.

Today I went to the Vatican. I was really hoping to pick up some nice new Vatican Euros, because apparently they do well on eBay. I was tempted to buy a 65 cent stamp with a 50 euro note, but thought that would be pushing it. I was on holy ground, after all, and God expects your best behaviour there…

Still, while I was inspecting all my coins’ nationalities (go Wikipedia!) it was so cool to see how many different countries’ currency was running through my fingers.

1x 2 Euros: Italy

Italian 2 Euro Coin

7x Euro: Austria (2) Germany, Italy (2), Spain, Portugal

Austrian 1 Euro Coin German 1 Euro Coin

Italian 1 Euro Coin Spanish 1 Euro Coin

Portuguese 1 Euro Coin

3x 50 cent: Austria, Italy (2)

3x 20 cent: Belgium, France, Italy

2x 10 cent: Italy (2)

2x 5 cent: Belgium, Italy

Can’t say I was too impressed with the Belgian designs. They had the same guy on the back of all their currency. Must’ve been pretty important. King Albert II.

I’m gonna see how many more I can pick up (when I break that 50!) and hopefully they’ll be as shiny as these pictures…