Moving Day.

Stop signs photography

The dishwasher’s full of all the dishes we have left, I’m eating my cereal out of a massive Starbucks mug with a sugar spoon.

We’re moving everything we have left in the house today. Bar the dining room table we’re hoping to sell. We broke the elevator door yesterday, when it shut on the box my dad was carrying into it and came off its runners. Haha. I think its been fixed since.

I’m gonna have an actual bedroom to sleep in tonight! Me and my sister get to share it, but seeing as neither of us is going to be around for most of next year, its doubtful we’ll be in it together any time.

Two nights ago we had Mexican lasange (Obviously I cooked, Deb!) And peas. But when we took the bowl of peas out the microwave and set it on the table, it split in half. ‘Microwavable’ dishes just don’t cut it anymore.

Right, back to cleaning this place up for whoever the new owners will be. Tip – Cif Cream, Lemon ‘flavour’ is aMAZing. I was scrubbing this grime on the top of the cupboards for 10 minutes, no avail, because its the sticky kind of grime that doesn’t budge. A bit of Cif Cream and it came RIGHT OFF. Brilliantasmo.