As my 21st year on Earth begins…

September 18th has rolled around again, and caused me to turn 21 – bringing a new era of adult life with it

My birthday also signalled the end of a very good summer – with a wedding, a missions trip, a family holiday, time in London and a house-move filling up the whole 3 months.

The new academic year also brought a lot of new challenges…

I’m psyched about all the new things happening this year – from new cell groups and a bigger role in youth group to dissertations, projects and graduation – but I am also unsettled in my heart about what to do. How can God best use me here in Birmingham, ie. what’s His plan here – and will He let me in on it? How will I know what to do? Am I just making plans because they sound good or because they are genuinely God-inspired and Christ-driven?

The end result of all these questions is a determination to learn who my God is; to fill my mind with knowledge of his Word, to learn how Jesus did things and where the heart of my Father is. What are the solid, theological foundations that should underly my actions towards everything I put my hand to? I’m yearning for something beyond self-help, better-yourself kind of teaching; I want the Word – some solid, theological teaching that provides frameworks upon which I can hang the answers to my questions.

I’m also very much focusing on the here and now because currently I have no specific pull towards anything once I graduate. But, now that I’ve written all of this, I’m beginning to realise that it’s possible God is building this thirst for knowledge in my heart in preparation for what’s to come; in fact, it has been in my prayers for some time to get to know him more and it’s crazy how it’s coming to fruition now. He works in mysterious ways, does he not?

Out of the three camera batteries I have, one is working, one thinks it is fully charged after 2 minutes, and the last one doesn’t even register in my charger. So I’ve lost 2 handy batteries in 2 months. Shucks.