Losing…My Mind

Otra victima del sistema by *faboarts

I’ve hit a world record for losing things. Let me explain.
In the past month I have lost the following:

My winter coat (which would have come in handy in the next few months)
My iPod (on the way to uni)
My computer dongle
My scarf (at uni)
My provisional license (thankfully, a lady behind me yelled at me forcefully to get my attention so I could retrieve it)
My hot water bottle’s outer cover. It’s gotta be in my room somewhere…
My guitar capo (also in my room somewhere)

I’m forgetful at times, granted. I’m a ditz very often, too (Sam can testify). And at least once a week I’ll utter the words, “It’s today? You’re joking!” or “Oh no, I totally forgot about that!” or, very simply, “Ooops…Uh, <insertnamehere>, you know that thing you asked me to do…?” (The second one being the most common).

However, losing stuff has not been my weakest point, until now. And I am gutted. That scarf? Yeah, I’ve had it for over 6 years. And I’d just washed it. (Wasted my precious Ariel tablets for nothing…)

But good things: One, I only have to leave my house a maximum of 5 times a week (Thursday and Friday being days off), so the lost coat and scarf isn’t too problematic, especially with the nice weather.

Mandy’s got a spare iPod now, so I no longer have to commute in silence (or, worse, lost in my own thoughts – they’re not very interesting; it makes me wish I could dislocate my brain from whatever part of me contributes to my powers of general awareness). Adjusting from a (semi-unused) 80GB iPod to 6GB has also streched my decision-making skills immensely.

My hot water bottle cover decreases the thermal effectiveness of said hot water bottle. And with nights as cold as they are and gas as expensive as it is, every little helps. Muchly.

I’m not having to play guitar in any public capacity this week, so the capo is not a necessity. (Until I realised Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in the key of C is very much low male range-oriented. And does not sound as good in E – but then the third verse freaked me out and I decided I’d find other things to sing. Like Lenka’s ‘The Show’.)

Mandy also has a little-used computer dongle. Problem solved.

And as much as I wish I had all my original stuff with me, I realise they’re not that important.

Though I WILL check eBay to see if my iPod is on there, darnit!