UPDATE: Losing… My Mind

HDR houses - high dynamic range

One of mine. High-Dynamic-Range photograph.

DISCLAIMER: Motivation to write this blogpost comes from the recently acquired confirmation that yes, this blog is actually read by some people.

I need to write an update on this post about things I had lost:

My winter coat: FOUND!!!
My computer dongle: REPLACED!!
My scarf (at uni): REPLACED!!
My guitar capo (also in my room somewhere): FOUND IN MY ROOM SOMEWHERE.

I haven’t lost anything lately. So all’s good.

Since my new housemate moved in, let’s call her ‘Mandy’, I feel a resurgence in my bones of generally bad, often very immature humour and RAOW – Random Acts of Weirdness. We’ve sat around together on some evenings and had moments of: “I really feel like having some [insert food type here] right now,” and just made it! So YAY! for apple/pie/raisin/cranberry crumble (last night), chocolate cake (couple weeks ago), and fluffy American-style pancakes (months ago). I don’t feel weird walking into Mandy’s room and doing a really bad dance, then leaving. Often, she’ll join in. This is what I attempted last time, though imagine it without the tap (just on the spot running), without a cane (but holding up an imaginary one up in front of me), and without any real ‘dancing’ resemblance to it (think: white person clubbing).

And now it’s OK to talk about bodily functions like we still have them.