New Year Re-Cap

christmas stockings

Here’s an update of the last couple months:

Christmas was spent in London for the first time. My sister was absent, due to the extortionate rates they charge to fly people halfway around the world (she’s gap year-ing in Japan). But there were similarities with our last Christmas in Birmingham:

One, we go the usual charity case in place of a proper Christmas tree. There’s something about that lowly pine lost in the corner of the yard at the Christmas tree farm that just calls out to me, with its branches that somehow grew short along one side (great for placing next to a wall, actually) and a tip that grew at a right angle (so our star this year looked like a shooting one). It just broke my heart, and we had to have it.

New year’s – I wasn’t in bed by 10pm like two years ago in America (hey, that means I saw the British 2007 in!) and I wasn’t with the crazy Birmingham lot like last year. No, I was watching the most atrocious coverage of the new year on the BBC – you’d think with that 150 pounds I give them each year they’d be able to have some ‘real’ stars singing for us. And having Olympic stars just reminded me how little I’d accomplished in 2008 in comparison. Thank you, BBC, for making the new year start of with tears of frustration and an uncontrollable rant at the unfairness of it all.

Just kidding. At least the fireworks were good. And the company. And the Amarula