Let me explain…

I’ve heard it said that the more you let go of the things you want, the more you can hold on to the God you need.

There’s a new header up now, something I’ve been thinking about making for the last few weeks.


What an awesome concept in our walk with God!

For the last three, four months I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. Specifically, ‘the future I want that, God, I hope You will give me’. It wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t selfish. But eventually it became a master of my mind; my thoughts were constantly returning to it, every part of my life was touched by this thought.

It was a long time before I realised what an idol this request to God had become. It was starting to be on my mind above all other things, and I finally realised I was finding my quiet times were fruitless, sermons were meaningless and God seemed distant. That day I gave it up to God – I wanted to let my mind be free again. And to let God do the thinking, planning and dreaming for my future.

So I let go. And God has been so gracious – taking it off of my mind from the moment I confessed how much of an idol it had become – and wow, have my times with him been so much sweeter and more open.