God is my Compass

Vector Compass

I’m on the approach to my graduation, so what are my plans?

I’ve been asking God the same question, and He’ll let me know when I need to know. I’ve made tentative plans to move down to London and carry on from there, and haven’t had any opposition as yet.

One thing I do know – unless I’m in the centre of God’s will, unless I’m doing what He wants and what He has placed in my heart to do, I’ll never be satisfied.

There’s something about being absolutely sure of your situation that means nothing can faze you from doing the work before you. Every scrape, bruise, fight and failure will not stop you, because you have no doubts that you aren’t where you’re absolutely supposed to be.

If I do move to London, I have no rosy dreams of the future – I know it’s gonna be hard. A new church, new friends, new job, new life living back with my family for the first time in three years – Birmingham has been my home for 14 years and this is where a huge side of me exists. What I do love is that such a big move will cut a lot of ties to others and I’ll be forced to rely so much more on God. It’s a chance to lose some of the dependence I’ve built up on other things.

For now though, I have a dissertation to write.