Could Teenagers Make Good Parents?

Baby Borrowers - Teen Parenting Experiment

That’s the question they’re attempting to answer on Baby Borrowers.

The program documents a social experiment that is supposed to help explore the answer, and features a quiet American cul-de-sac where teenage couples (ie. girlfriend and boyfriend) are moved into a house and given a baby to look after for three days – while the parents are placed in houses opposite to watch it all unfold on their TV screens via Big-Brother cameras. After the baby, they were given toddlers, next its pre-teens, then teenagers, followed by the elderly.

I haven’t watched anything so good in a long time, and have been mentioning it to a lot of people already!

Though the results are questionable in their accuracy and poential relevance upon the debate surrounding teen parenting, (I can and have picked many of the holes in this ‘experiment’) it’s so interesting I can’t help but draw conclusions from it anyway

Catch up with episode 3 on BBC iPlayer here.