Some Chords

I couldn’t find the chords to this song anywhere on the internet, so I thought I should share the fruits of 15 minutes of working them out. It’s very simple, but it says what it says beautifully.

Planetshakers – I Just Want You

Capo 3

G           D         Am
More than a nice melody,
C             G           D
More than the sweetest of words,
G            D          Am
This is the love I have found,
C             G         D
and with this love I am found.

C   D  Em               C    D  G
I just want You, Je-sus, I just want You, my Lord,
C    D  Em               Am7 (G) C   D
I just want You, Je-sus, I just want You.

Never could I comprehend
The love you so freely give.
Never could I be with you,
But Your love covers all of my sin.

C           D       G
There is no greater love than Yours,
C                  G       D
Nothing else could ever compare,
C       D        G
And even if I search all the world
C            G         D
I will never find a love like Yours.