Dissertation Title

So with a week to go before it needs to be bound, I’ve finally looked at my essay title again and realised it doesn’t quite fit with what I’ve actually been writing about!

Thankfully it’s a simple change to match it to my work so far, and as time has gone by I’ve found that the subject isn’t entirely as boring as I initially thought. Though at the time of said thought I wasn’t working on it and had no real basis upon which to form said conclusion. (See? I’m in dissertation-writing mode already!)

The question:

In Women’s Magazines, How Is Advertising Read By Women

Exposed to Feminist Thought and Ideals In Western Culture?

So, what do you all think? Basically I’ll be doing a textual analysis (semiological, as put forward by Roland Barthes in 1975, if you’re interested) on three perfume adverts, and have already done a focus group with 5 girls with some interesting results!

Right, back to it. I’ll be out of hibernation in roughly… two weeks, after my (photography) production project is done too!