The Ads

So for my dissertation, as you all know, I’m analysing some adverts.

One of them is Kylie Minogue’s advert for the Couture perfume. You can watch the ‘making of’ video for the TV commercial here. One of the interesting things an interviewee said regarding Kylie Minogue was this:

She’s very flirtatious, seductive… Yet not overtly sexual.

Hmm. I’m not entirely sure how he defines any of those three terms because, well, in my book they’re practically synonyms of each other.

The adverts I’m analysing are the following:

Kylie Minogue's Couture Fragrance Print As

Kylie Minogue's Couture Fragrance Print As

After watching the ‘making of’ advert for Couture I’ve realised that what I’ve read into the picture is not the same as what they seem to believe they’re putting into it. But I think I know what I’m talking about.

Pretty Fragrance Print ad

Pretty Fragrance Print ad

The final one is a bit risqué, so I’ve just posted a link to it for those who don’t really feel like their eyes need to be accosted by that kind of thing:
CKin2U For Him For Her Ad

So all in all, a good, diverse set of perfume adverts, all communicating something different but with the same purpose: ‘Buy me! Believe that I can change you!’ In essence.