What happens when you don’t want faith?

It means you want a safe and secure life.

It means you’ve got enough strength to focus on yourself alone.

It means you’ll have lots of worries.

It means your life will wander from one place to the next.

It means your life doesn’t need to rely on God.

Here’s what Mark Acuff had to say in A Confession:

My natural inclination to have a secure life that needs little faith ends up being a life that needs very little God, either.  That’s the deadly part of security and safety, we get used to living without God.  There’s no need for God to show up.  “All set, Lord,” becomes our silent, unconscious prayer.

So, increasingly, I’m thankful for a faith-required life because it becomes a God-present life.  What about you?  Does your life require a little faith, or a lot of faith?