Times of Refreshing

So I went through a dry time for maybe the last two, three months, but recently God’s just slammed me with some awesome teaching and refreshment from his Word, and also demonstrating to me that often these dry times are not scheduled by Him into my calendar, but a result of not persevering in my pursuit of Him. And I wanna pursue Him! Here’s a list of the things that have been eye-openers for me lately:

Seeking God’s Face

A talk that was particularly influential in that was ‘Is He Enough (Ps 73)’ by Joshua Harris which you can find and download here – it’s under the New Attitude 2004 Conference at the very bottom.

Particularly cool in the message was a letter that Harris reads out from a girl who went from willing God to bless her plans to seeking His face and nothing else for three months – and being transformed by him within one. Totally exciting, and something I’m applying for the rest of the summer!

Not Seeking God’s Will

How controversial does this sound?! But trust me, it’s perfectly sound – another talk from the same conferences, it’s the Guy Talk (yeah, I crossed the gender-divide of conference talks, so sue me!) and I haven’t even finished listening yet but it’s really awesome. The title is Just Do it, by Kevin DeYoung, and it’s also found here under the Next 2009 Conference messages. It’s all about not seeking God’s will but just doing it – particularly interesting was that God rarely revealed a specific will to the disciples in the NT, and only when they weren’t specifically searching for it. Or something. It’s a very general quote, so I do apologise.

Other Resources

Kevin DeYoung name-dropped a couple blogs in his message, and I decided to check one out, Between Two Worlds by Justin Taylor, where there are multiple posts a day with book reviews, Christian resources, theological, philosophical articles and links to awesome stuff there. Through that I found a link to free PDFs of articles and books by DA Carson and have started to read Love in Hard Places, which should be good.

Entertaining Stuff

So I love Brooke Fraser’s music, and I read her blog, and in her most recent one, ‘Spelling Bee’, she writes of the differences between American- and British-English spelling and, I have to say, I’ve never come across anything clearer. If only this has been around earlier in my life!

Then I completed a funny survey that required me to write a haiku (5 syllables, 7, 5) about a time I was in a car during high school. Voíla:

Roll down the windows
Riding the wind with my hand –
Then arm eats a bush.

Finally, here’s the Birmingham weather forecast for the week:

Birmingham Weather

So there’s a lot of random stuff here, but I like to write my thoughts down so that even if I forget them I can be safe in the knowledge that they will forever be on the web thanks to Google’s spiders…

PS Isn’t my header pretty? I just previewed this post and was overwhelmed by its beauty. Haha. 🙂