The Dust Finally Settles

Me and my bro’ at ‘J Factor’, at the Jesus House. Yes, it is what you think.

While work beckons me to apply my mind elsewhere, I’ve begun a night of productive procrastination and feel the need to continue. (Sidenote: In this instance ‘productive’ can be defined as discovering the chords I needed for a ditty I’ve been singing, (B7 – 021202 – is pretty cool!), adding a profile picture to my Vimeo account and twittering).

Realising that this blog is more than just a place to organise and publish the random collection of thoughts in my head, but also a place that people (possibly) frequent in order to find out what’s happening with me, it’s obviously time to update.


Truly, truly amazing. Even having done another degree and knowing this one isn’t all I’d hoped it would be, it is more in a lot of other ways – I’ve learned letterpress, recently done a workshop in screen printing, and am getting all my 120mm Lomo film developed for free. (You can only really share in my excitement if this means something to you, if not then don’t worry about it. It might prove more exciting for you if you go play tricks on your dog. Or something.)

Also, on my course, every EU country seems to be represented. Sometimes it feels like I’m actually at a Geneva convention. Italians, Spaniards, Portugues..ians, Czechs, Swedes, Danes – once I was in a class of 20 and only one British accent could be heard.

One thing I’m getting more and more psyched about is sharing my faith with people. I’ve had a few ‘starter’ conversations, and I’m just looking forward to how God will bypass the mental glitch in my brain that causes me to verbally fumble anything important and speak into the hearts of people who need Him. Isaiah 55:11, baby!


What a struggle it was to find one! I love you so much, BCEC, there’s so many of you that have well and truly laid stars into the sidewalk of my life who will never be forgotten. And the hard thing to do now is find anything that will compare! It was a long, hard first couple of months visiting churches and never seeing a potential home in any of them, the wanderer soul of mine wanted to find rest and it was a discouraging time.

But what a wonderful God we have, One who knows every need. When I finally did find a church, it wasn’t without it’s mishaps: it was only on the fourth try that I actually managed to get to it. But that’s another story. In the end, I’ve found my spiritual home at Revelation Church, a new frontiers church that is so charismatic it’s verging on pentecostal… but I had the feeling that’s where this heart of mine was heading towards the end of the Birmingham chapter of my life. (Alex will possibly be reminded of all those conversations on tongues and prophecies, I’m sure.)

I’m currently serving on the welcome team (only!), and it’s been so strange not DOING stuff all the time! I’m not leading anything, not doing anything music-related, not hanging out with people 3/4 my age (15 is not half my age yet, ha!). While that may change, for now it’s been wonderful playing guitar on the stage of my bedroom and having Bible studies with an audience of One. And those times have led to sweet moments with my Saviour. But I do miss iD though; truly, truly I do. There’s nothing like spending time with teenagers to humble you and give you much to praise God for.

That’s all for now!

I’m sorry it was such a brief update, and I hope to be more frequent with news in future. There’s only so much that we can read at a time, though. Especially in a sans-serif font.

Now, off to do some real work… In the meantime, here is a picture of the daftest duck ever.