On seeing old friends


So, the first visit home happened last weekend, and it was fantastic! Short but packed full of fun times. And it reminds me how much I miss you all – it’s so easy to settle into conversation and into being yourself with all of you, and it’ll take some time to find a similar bunch of people here. Anyway.

Here’s some photographic highlights:

Christmas Play Practise

I got to watch the practise of this weekend’s Christmas play – it’s gonna be sooo good! Favourite parts – ‘No, no, no, NO, NO!’ and ‘Sebastian? I ate him too. And Nemo!’

Bacon Chicken, Cheese and Vegetables

Then dinner a la Mandy and Helen, a-MAZ-ing. Great food (bacon, chicken, cheese – what else could you want?!), great conversation (Chrissy, Rebecca, Helen, Mandy), awesome carol-singing times… I miss times like this.

Eyeing up my food

Someone was becoming too interested in my food…


And then there were the baptisms on Sunday – the very things I came up to see!

dunked 1

All-singing, All-dancing

All-singing, all-dancing.

dunked 2


Chrissy: “Do you like flowers?” E: “No, not really…”


Me and the Lord Jesus are working on the temper, Alan…

drowning in the back

Check out the hooligans in the back…


Using the photo opportunity to do some shameless advertising…

being manly

Trying to blend into the manly group…


And then there was iD. One word: Nuts.

The weekend was rounded off with dinner one more, this time a la Marilyn. C’etait trés incroyable. (I have a feeling Chrissy will comment on my French, ‘avec les corrections’.)




old ladies

Ross, you Crack Me Up.

So happy to have seen you all again. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon!!