Christ Mass

This Christmas we didn’t get the usual charity case Christmas tree (as mentioned in last year’s Christmas post). Unfortunately, the centre of London has no room for anything but the best, so we got not only the most perfect tree we’ve ever owned, but also the most expensive.

christmas tree

It’s far and above the ‘trees’ (think ‘thorn bushes’ and you’ll have a better picture of what I mean) we had in Africa. Those, unfortunately, are beyond the reach of my memory.

I got many gifts, everything was important and needed – the favourite among it all had to be my new camera lens, though a close second was this:

doctor who calendar

I am not ashamed.

Plus Rebecca and sis were in the Capital for a few days.

I’m getting to know this city better and better because of all you wonderful visitors, not getting lost so much anymore! (I’m sure that fills you with confidence…)

So it’s been a fun Christmas, that’s for sure – and with the new year coming up soon, a time for contemplation.

I wasn’t planning on doing any contemplation. (The last real one was for 2008. 2009’s was more prophetic (read the London bit)). I just needed to find some quotes and decided to look through my old journal entries.

And how I cringed! The things I was writing back then that I thought were really mature and wise and enlightened. God is good though, and merciful, and opens our eyes to the truth. He also does it in a nice way. Not like the playground with a circle of kids around, pointing and laughing.

What also came through, though, was honesty. In spite of all the other potentially pompous characteristics, the Tuuli of 2006/7/8 was honestly searching, desiring and desperate for change. Already recognising some weaknesses, and also realising some strengths.

As always, the road of the Christ-follower is longer, less-traveled, and the end is yet in sight. But highways were never the way for this ragged, hopeful nomad.