Where do I go from here?

Ah, London. A wonderful city, and many of you have already heard me say how there’s been no looking back since I’ve moved down south. This is not discounting the amazing, incredible family of people I’ve left behind – I’d have you all move down here in a shot if I could! – but the city is incomparable.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a wandering spirit, prone to move from place to place. It’s my opinion that the 15 years I lived in Birmingham will probably be the longest I’ll ever be in one place. Even then, I lived in four different places there. (To recap: Hall Green, Kings Heath, Edgbaston and the most wonderful Harborne in the infamous crazy house with all the happy memories that inevitably come with the company! Love you gals!)

But again, there’s been no looking back, only forward, onwards, to something different. I still reckon I’ll be in London for the foreseeable future to finish off my FdA and pay off the wonderful heap of debts I’ve incurred, but after that, the horizon calls. Who knows where I might end up?

If God’s in charge (and…well, He is!) it’ll be Wales*. He’s that kind of funny.

*I am not against Wales. But I am against rain, sheep and wet, green grass. Sorry Alan.

I’d love to say that I’ve grown in leaps and bounds in my faith down here. In reality, I’ve plateaued in some ways and dipped in others. My church is incredible, full of amazing people who are incredibly faith-filled, Spirit-filled and Jesus-loving, and it’s caused me to realise how grounded and indifferent I really am when there are heights and depths yet to be explored with Jesus. Slowly, slowly I’m getting past my stupid hang-ups and letting go. Maybe one day I’ll be flying. ‘Til then, I’ll start preparing for take-off. God-willing, I’ll be discovering new levels of love for my Saviour and finally understand even an inch of just how much sacrifice He made to show His love for me. I am desperate for that day to come soon.

My college needs Jesus. Pray that I’m bold in truth and fearless in love.

PS. The meerkat has everything do with nothing and nothing to do with everything.