US (of) A

Arriving in America, I’ve not found anything widely different from what I expected to find. I left London knowing I’d be a tourist in my ‘home’ country, and would be meeting genuine Americans with whom I don’t have much in common. But I like strangers, especially the kind that are friendly and conversational.

I’ve loved the space in this country. The basement of the house we’re living in is bigger than our flat – it’s pretty awesome! I love the luxury – it’s not worked it’s way into my heart, though. I was made for the simple life.

We’re going to College Park Church this morning, (thankfully, the clocks already changed  2 weeks ago so no lost hour on this side of the pond!). I’m well excited because I’ve been ‘attending’ this church for three years via the podcast, and my grandma’s promised she’ll try and introduce me to Pastor Mark who, unknowingly, has challenged my faith many times in life. I’m well excited!

I could live here. It would be no small adjustment, but it’s possible.