Summer time is here!

For the next month or so I’m moving out of Home Sweet Home to house-sit (yay!) a place near Arsenal’s  home ground (boo!). It’ll be good chance to have some uptime with God and lots and lots of tea and tea-making facilities within 10 feet of me.

I’m also responsible for plants though, so… considering my track record involves killing CACTI, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

This school year has finished, I passed everything, and got some great grades for some things and not-so-great results for others things, but it really does reflect where my strengths and weaknesses generally are. Happy days!

Anyway, this summer I’m working as much as I can, not going anywhere outside the country and raising money for tuition. Should be… hard work. But I’m trusting it’s possible, I’ve got God on my side for that.

So yeah, that’s that. Joy.