Where I Go to CU

Last week, the wonderful Tessa from BCEC asked me to play worship for their CU meeting. At first I was all, “No way, I haven’t done worship in over a year, I’m out of practise, others do it better…” Then Stef, our Rev pastor, preached a sermon Sunday morning on David and Goliath about fighting opposition (absolutely awesome: David and Goliath – Faith: Faith and Opposition) – and I was challenged by God to say yes to Tessa, be faithful, and remember that it’s the Spirit that moves people to worship, and however bad I am – ‘His power is made perfect in our weakness‘.

So I told Tessa ‘yes’, showed up at the CU meeting only to find out it was the FIRST ONE OF THE YEAR – so it wasn’t just like, 10 people, which I can deal with – No, it was around 30.

Okay… no big deal. So I play, and it’s not perfect, but God is. So that was awesome. Hopefully someone will step in at the next meeting.

What was cool though was meeting other Christians in my college. CU last year was made up of… 2? maybe? But this year we were one of the biggest groups at the intra-college meeting. Praise Jesus.

So as of now I’m going to be going to CU. And because I love my peeps at school, and they don’t know Jesus and I want to share Him with them, having people around that are on the same mission..? Thank you Jesus, what a blessing.