Just Doing It

Time for an update.

I’m going into my second (and thus final) year of my FdA (different to a foundation before an art-y degree) and having an awesome time. First day back and all my ideas of being ‘eased in gently’ disappeared. Queue the following assignments being set:

  • 26 design projects, to fit in a box, one for a word from each letter of the alphabet.
  • 2-page spread for your favourite ‘hidden place’ in London, to be [possibly] published in a proper book for London students to find great secret spots.

All this is fantastic, but there was a temptation to let a sudden overwhelming feeling of… overwhelmed-ness… to overcome me. But then you just get cracking, and that somehow makes a difference, you know – not letting it sit in the background, un-worked-on…

So far, though, so good. Got Brooke Fraser’s new album through the post last week, and that’s kept me going!