Big News!

Well, Christmas has officially kicked-off with a major house-clean and Christmas ‘decos’ (my mom’s name for decorations) being fetched down from the nether-reaches of the attic. And once Elina, the sister, arrives from Sheffield (unless snow prevents her!) we’ll make a secret trip to Hyde Park and cut down a Christmas tree…. ooooooor we might just buy one. Who knows.

With Christmas comes Christmassy-type gatherings, I think four days in a row staying up past 12 to party the night evening away was just about enough for me. I’m not the clubber type, or the party type. I like to sit around and take pictures – as I always say, ‘it beats talking to people.’ That’s the introvert in me.

Had a visit from the Gregorys, that was fun. *holler* I miss you guys! *holler* And probably had my longest phone call in a year with Miss Chrissy, that was fun too. I never knew there was so much to talk about.

In other news, I’M GETTING MARRIED! Just kidding. No, really. I just wanted to see if that shocked anyone – I set up your webcam so I could watch you…. *creepy eyes* And yeah, actually, I’m not. Still kicking it back with the single life, baby, and enjoying myself. So the title of this blog is a lie 😛

Over and out.