Accidents Grotesque Light

So the last post was basically for want of anything to say, but things have changed since then!

About a month ago my bike, which had been slowly fading since July – with bits breaking or malfunctioning or falling off – finally gave up the ghost. In the following month I spent £50 traveling with my Oyster, which should say a lot to any out-of-towners who don’t think London is *that* expensive. This was me traveling no more than 4 miles, three days a week.

Anyway! God totally pulled a blessing out and I got a free bike last week – AWESOME – which I used a couple times before things started going badly.

London saw some snow on Thursday, but I decided to cycle to my friend’s house as it was nearby. Things were a bit shaky at first but I stuck to the middle of the road and it was all fine.I then took my usual route up a side road but soon discovered it was covered in ice. The lack of purchase meant my bike preferred a horizontal position and slid out from under me. As the breaks were pretty poor and the wheels no longer on the ground, I used my elbow to stop myself. And so I got this:

When it goes all yellow and crazy, it’ll be epic.

That was Friday. On Saturday I started to cycle to work and, due to the afore-mentioned poor breaks, I wasn’t able to stop suddenly. Fortunately, the back of a taxi helped and – even more fortunately – there was no damage, the driver was nice, and I wasn’t at all hurt. I wasn’t going very fast, to be honest. UN-fortunately, that was it for the new old bike, whose frame buckled on impact (likely what saved the taxi’s bumper) and so I am back to being bike-less.

‘Tis the season l walk. Lots.