Serving up ignoramus with fries

Have you ever had a conversation where you argue a point forcefully even though you know that your actions don’t match up to what you’re saying?

I had one of those recently. Most times I would probably think nothing of it; I’d quickly forget being a hypocrite in favour of being ‘right’.

Fortunately, God’s totally gracious and chose to project ‘conviction rays’ – (that’s a literal translation of the original Greek, for any doubters out there – 2nd book of Jude, verse 5, I believe…) – and He unblocked my ears even as the words were coming out of my mouth to really hear what I was saying.

What I was saying wasn’t wrong – in fact, it was a passionate, Jesus-focused view point. The problem was that in that moment my heart was in it, but take a step back, have a look at my life and anyone could be forgiven for laughing in my face. Hypocrite – a tough description, but at that time 100% accurate.

It’s a good thing to realise when you’re a complete ignoramus. Pride is the root of most (if not all) sin, so a little humbling is God’s mercy over us – praise Him for every time he reveals those prideful places in you! – so I’ll take all those moments over winning an argument any day. Should probably pray for more of these revelations, but they aren’t easy to receive.

Anyway. Just a glimpse at my thoughts right now. I’ll talk more in detail about what the conviction was actually about another time, I think.