Not dead yet

Hear that sound? Yep, that’s me blowing the dust off of this thing.

Here’s a fly-by roundup for the past year:

I graduated…again
Yep, another degree. I have my BA and now an FdA under my belt; with £20,000 in debt to show for it (admittedly only from the BA). Loved the FdA course, loved the people on it, loved the unashamed artiness of my college. I now get to officially be another out-of-work graphic designer.

It’s definitely picking up – I got my first ‘proper’ job photographing a wedding here in London, and it was so, so fun. Nerve-wracking at times, but ultimately an awesome experience. I’ll be posting up photos from that (and others) some time soon.

I absolutely love the site noisetrade, it’s fantastic for finding new music. It’s mostly folk, and there’s often a lot of trawling you have to do to find something that you absolutely *must* have on your iPod, but you can’t complain when it’s free. Recently I stumbled across Foxes Have Foxholes, and can’t stop listening to them. Here’s one of their tunes, Whistle Blower:

The Future
I’m not entirely sure what the future holds. I might be doing an internship with New Frontiers at my church, or getting a job. It’s still a bit up in the air – which doesn’t sit well with me, really. I like to know what’s happening – when, where and what I need to wear for it. But I kind of have to let go of that for now.

Well, that’s the gist of it; shortened and sweet. More to come.