Debra and Lloyd: wedding preparation

So I’ve had the incredible luck of being asked by Debra – my friend, one-time housemate and ‘spesh’ sofa-faller-offer – to take her wedding prep photographs. An absolute privilege, and in no time I had my trip booked and the day before the wedding saw me boarding a coach and sitting down in my seat… only to realise that my dress was not with me, as it should have been, but somehow I had overlooked it in the last scan of my bedroom (to check I wouldn’t forget anything!) and it was still hanging on the front of my wardrobe.

However, forgiving and most-chilled-out person that she is, Debra rearranged the planned-to-the-second timetable to allow extra time for me to search high and low in Bristol’s town centre for another one. You amaze me, sis!

Anyway, the Saturday arrived and I got up bright and early and met Debra and the rest of her amazing bridal party for a few hours of prep and then a longer time of photographing fun. Woohoo! So here’s some of the shots from that day:

It was very much a family affair – Debra’s brother was there to help out, and he definitely pulled his weight! When it came to making sure the dress would stay up on a branch, he was more than happy to climb the tree and hold it steady. Legend.

Absolutely loved working with Debra and all the bridesmaids – who were absolutely fine with making crazy faces. The bonus was that they were also really good at it!

Have to say, the detail on the dress was stunning – hey, the whole dress was stunning! – and Debra pulled it off like no other woman could!

Thanks for having me along and letting me shoot your wedding morning – can’t wait to see how the rest of life turns out for you and Lloyd!