Introducing… Revelation Church Kids Club!

While my work for Rev has been pretty one-sided for the most part – focusing on all things media, technical and visual – one of my other roles was to head up Kids Club outreach.

The aim of the Kids Club was two-fold: one, continue to provide an incredible Sunday kidswork full of fun, gunge and Jesus; and two, open it up and invite all the kids from the surrounding area to enjoy the fun and gunge and learn about Jesus!

The launch took a bit of time in coming due to the complications of child protection policies, finding more kidsworkers and wanting to do these things well! But once all the legal and practical stuff was done, we were so much more prepared to put on something awesome.

The week running up to the launch saw me and a group of others going door-to-door on various estates talking to people and trying to find ones with kids… A daunting experience, but we managed to cover quite a lot of ground and get to meet some families. Only one door was shut in our faces… That was interesting.

The launch date rolled around and… not one new kid turned up.

We weren’t expecting a massive influx. And we weren’t disheartened – usually these things happen through word of mouth, not door-to-door flyering.

In the second week we saw new kids come! It was amazing, loads of fun (helped that I was there… Just sayin’…) and everyone was feeling involved. We also had a special guest – Zaccheus (see pic to right) – courtesy of ‘Didaskalian‘ whose accent meandered from American… to British… to Scottish-Irish… And whose beard was so long that he had started to grow elastic to keep it on. Or so he said:

Loved it! Bring on the next Kids Club!