A Day in the Office

Luke, sanity-saver

8.45am: prayer. Me and my sanity-saver and office buddy, Luke, meet up at the office (though I usually rock up at 8.50am. I try!) We’ll make tea, catch up, chat about what we each have going on that day, and spend some time praying. Prayer gets pretty crazy sometimes, Luke’s got fire and vision and I just want to pray God encounters into everything.

9am: admin stuff – checking emails, checking website stats, updating the tweet schedule for the Rev twitter account, updating the Rev website if needed. Boooooring.

9.30am: crank that music UP! I’m usually the resident DJ – unfortunately for Luke, I’m hooked up to the loud computer speakers. It could be anything – latest Noisetrade finds, Spotify rockout/chillout playlist, Love Actually soundtrack…

Over the course of the day I’ll work on different projects I have going. Here’s a taste of what I’m working on at the moment:

  • Rev business cards
  • GC spotlight videos
  • ‘How to do my job’ manual
  • Worship album & website design for foodbank charity
  • Word & Spirit video editing
  • Vimeo uploads
I like the diversity. And when I run out of creative steam for one project, I’ll hop onto another and come back to it at a later date – it’s worked really well in keeping each hour fresh.
10.30am: tea time. They’re small cups. I drink fast.
11.45am: tea time again. 
12.15pm: eat half my sandwich. Especially on Tuesdays, when the day starts at 7am with the church prayer meeting. Marvin’!
1.00pm: lunch break. We boil the kettle, brew up some tea, and sit in the ‘lounge’ area of the office. And we’ll talk about this and that – the latest Holy Spirit break-out video Luke has seen, or the latest controversial blog post I’ve read.
2.30pm: tea.
3.45pm: tea. 

4pm (Fridays): lose my mind. On a Friday I’ll have broken out the crazy dance – my way of relieving the cabin fever that’s built up over the week. Normally, Luke will just laugh at me – but occasionally, he’s been known to join in.

4.45pm: wash mugs. Me or Luke will do it. Usually Luke. My job is to make the tea!

5pm: Go home. Unplug the kettle and the fan heater, snap off the lights, lug my bike through the doors and lock up. Boom.