What does the future hold for one Tuuli?

I have had to think a long time about what to write that might be remotely interesting.

As the end of my year with Rev church is drawing near (I finish mid-August!) the hunt is on for a new job – one that pays money! Unfortunately, I have no idea what I want to do.

I thought I’d have a good idea of what I like by now, but I think the only thing that’s become clear is that I like the variation of what I do!

So I decided to list what I like to do and see if anyone out there knows a job that fits.

Graphic design. Print design. Photography. Video. Websites. Writing copy.

Problem Solving
Troubleshooting is fun. If I can come up with a solution, anyway.

Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, blogging. I l know them all.

The Details
I like lists. Organisation. Systems. A well-oiled machine.

Indoors – Outdoors
I like them both. So long as I’m warm. But one thing I do know – a desk, 9-5, every day of the week, and I will lose my mind. You don’t want that.

I like them. I like talking to them, but I hate phoning them.

I think that’s long enough. Probably missed some things though. Anyway. What job would fit?