Summer Marinades

Here’s what I’m currently getting up to: The 30 Day Marinade.

About a month ago I decided to propose an idea that had been bubbling away in my head for a while to one of the elders at my church.

Essentially, I wanted to create a 30 day ‘devotional’ booklet featuring contributions from various people at church that would inspire people over the summer months to continue pursuing Jesus when the temptation to pursue relaxation and entertainment instead is particularly strong.

Within seconds of explaining my thoughts I received the go-ahead and set about getting the project off the ground.

First, I had to name it! After batting around a few ideas with my office buddy Luke, I settled on ‘Marinades’ – the idea being that, over the summer, barbecues happen a lot – and we know the best meat is the one that has been soaked in a good marinade for a long time. The idea for the booklet was the same – people would be ‘marinading’ in the book of James, reading a chapter a day for 30 days – which means you’ll read it six times by the end!

Next I contacted various people from church, describing ’30 Day Marinades’ to them and trying to get these budding writers on board. The response was good – and the contributions were great. I was editor, designer and project manager all in one – which doesn’t go well with my scatty self – but lots of list-writing has proven very useful in combatting that!

I’m in the design stages at the moment, with most of people’s ‘marinades’ having been completed and sent in. Hopefully the booklet will be completed and on sale within two weeks, at which point you have the opportunity to buy it! It will also be released day-by-day on the internet, so keep and eye out for that.