Tiny book digest – Blogs for 20.3.13

Maybe biblical counselling starts with praying differently? – ‘…the Bible’s prayers are rarely about health, travel mercies, finances, doing well on a test, finding a job, or the salvation of unsaved relatives. Of course, these are legitimate things to pray for, but they are a minor emphasis in Scripture… They easily miss the real action of God’s dealings with his beloved people.’

The believers who aren’t Christians‘If the invitation to become a Christian ultimately depends on us as sinful men and women, we will never choose him.  Yet because of his grace, God takes the initiative to call—and enable—us to follow Jesus, which then transforms everything about how we understand the Christian life.’

Ends, Means, Journey, for want of a bit of logic – “…people say, ‘Home life is not suited to the business life of today.’ Which is as if they said, ‘Heads are not suited to the sort of hats now in fashion.'”

15 things I want to tell my third culture kidsI am thrilled for the things this life has given you. Adventure and a wide-cracked-open worldview. The opportunity to trust God when nothing around makes sense or when everything around makes sense. Friends all over the world of diverse faith and languages and skin colors and food preferences and economic levels. Multiple language fluency. Creativity and the intrinsic ability to look outside the box, to see from another person’s perspective. Real gratitude, stemming from an understanding that things are fleeting, gratitude for relationships and for time spent in togetherness. Adaptability. Courage. Courage. Courage.’

Lifestyle LiberalismA letter form a liberalist friend: ‘I’m living the consequence of lifestyle liberalism in my family right now, and I don’t like it one bit.’