The current False Teachers debate

An interesting debate online at the moment about false teachers, kicked off by Shai Linne’s latest song ‘Fal$e Teacher$’. The song called out several names of prominent preachers and teachers in the American Christian circuit. Shai Linne hoped that it would prove to be a blessing to many, but also realised that controversy would follow. In an open letter, a representative of one of those named in the song responded to the accusations.

Follow the story here:

1 Listen to the song and watch Shai Linne’s video explaining why he released it.
2 Read the response from Bradley Knight, son of Paula White, named in the song
3 See Shai Linne’s reply to this letter, responding to the points that Knight raises, as well as introducing and clarifying his reasons

I really love the humility that is on display in the dialogue that resulted from the song.   I wish there was more of that in the world – I think that too often the worlds sees division, backbiting, criticism and downright nastiness between those who claim to be of the same faith. It’s no the image of the Christ we’re supposed to be portraying. While I realise that the media will often place these incidences in a particularly harsh and unflattering light, it’s a sad truth that there has to be fuel if there’s going to be a fire, however out of proportion it may be. 

Well, we shall see how this all pans out. Whether Shai Linne receives a reply from Knight, who knows, but at least this public dialogue has demonstrated something other than white-hot, bitter diatribe.