Tiny Book Digest – 28.4.13

Should we boycott Starbucks? – “If I were a coffee snob, I probably would have answered that we should boycott Starbucks because they burn their beans. But I’m not a coffee snob. And I knew that wasn’t really the heart behind the question.”

Editorial on abusing Matthew 18 – Very appropriate reading in light of the recent public dialogue between Shai Linne and Paula White Ministries [read more here].

Baliva’s 2014 hip hop album project – My friend Mark, AKA Baliva, is ‘hip hop missionary’ looking to release a new album in January 2014. He needs to raise money towards recording and producing it, so please see if you can get involved and support him!

Myths and misinformation about editing books – “There’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about editors and what they do. Here are seven of those myths that I’d like to clean up…”  – interesting read!

Amnesty NZ ‘Facebook Trial’ – Find out how you’d be sentenced if you were living in a ‘less-than-free’ country. Hard-hitting stuff