Tiny book digest – blogs for 10.2.13

I don’t read as many books as I used to. While unpacking my books last September, some I hadn’t read, most had a bookmark partway in before it had been abandoned, a few… Continue reading

Let’s consume women

I wanted to start blogging again, and the only things I’m interested in writing about are the things I’ve been reading, and the questions and debates and conversations I’ve been having with others.… Continue reading

God is good, very very good!

I come bearing the answers to two massive prayers! Answer 1 For over a year our church has been praying for a house for me and two other girls on a particular London… Continue reading

Summer Marinades

Here’s what I’m currently getting up to: The 30 Day Marinade. About a month ago I decided to propose an idea that had been bubbling away in my head for a while to… Continue reading

What does the future hold for one Tuuli?

I have had to think a long time about what to write that might be remotely interesting. As the end of my year with Rev church is drawing near (I finish mid-August!) the… Continue reading