A Most GEEE-nius Invention…!

It may not interest some of you out there, but I thought these were awesome. Totally useful. A USB battery. And because it’s really late, the following will consist of bad grammar or… Continue reading


Fresher’s week is over, and I’ve now had two days of proper uni. Had theory lectures on Monday, and today had some classes, 10-12am and 3-5pm. Blah. But I got my timetable and… Continue reading

I is SO cool, man!

Three black girls came to Millies today…was doing their order, then they started saying “Put it in da other bag, man!” and I was thinking, “What?” and then one said, “Oh, you won’t… Continue reading

Amazing TV

There are not many things in this world that make me cry, and more often than not I don’t cry consistently when such things are presented at different times. More often than not… Continue reading

19 And Counting…

On Sunday..? I was talking to Sam, and it came up that birthday was Monday, and she asked if I was going to do anything, and I really didn’t know. I wanted to,… Continue reading