I’m sorry, Nick, but: how many games did I win against you? TWO?! No joke!

Today, I went to watch Nick play rugby. A game where the defence score and the forwards…defend. Yu-huh. For real. I think Britain’s game-inventing genius kinda went AWOL after golf and football. I… Continue reading

Quick Shots

New Street Station Regeneration For a while now, there’s been a lot of talk going around about the refacing and rebuilding of New Street, though I only found out recently after reading an… Continue reading

Moving Onwards

Yesterday became the last iD for me and all the other grads, and it was a pretty good way to go. First of all, I learnt a couple new things about myself: 1.… Continue reading

Woah…New Blog!!!

After some consideration spanning over a couple of months, I’ve decided that I can’t be bothered to learn the code needed to massively improve my blog, so I’ll just use the code someone… Continue reading