A point of hopelessness

Anyone feel like they’ve hit their lowest point? That circumstances couldn’t get any worse? That all the fighting and believing and faithfulness was for nothing? Those places seem hopeless – how can You… Continue reading

A new way to ‘do’ London

I love London at night. Some of my most peaceful moments are speeding down empty streets on my bike – well, I say ‘speeding’, but that’s potentially a very generous adjective for what… Continue reading

The fight for joy

Man… my heart is foolish. Every now and again I get a little melancholy – a little self-pitying, a bit quieter, more reserved. And usually I’ll dwell in it – thinking of me,… Continue reading

Wait, what am I DOING?!

Some readers might know that since September I have ended my relationship with education. After fourteen-or-so years, it was obvious the only place we were headed was indebtedness to the government and a… Continue reading

Debra and Lloyd: wedding preparation

So I’ve had the incredible luck of being asked by Debra – my friend, one-time housemate and ‘spesh’ sofa-faller-offer – to take her wedding prep photographs. An absolute privilege, and in no time… Continue reading