Not dead yet

Hear that sound? Yep, that’s me blowing the dust off of this thing. Here’s a fly-by roundup for the past year: I graduated…again Yep, another degree. I have my BA and now an… Continue reading

Serving up ignoramus with fries

Have you ever had a conversation where you argue a point forcefully even though you know that your actions don’t match up to what you’re saying? I had one of those recently. Most… Continue reading

Accidents Grotesque Light

So the last post was basically for want of anything to say,┬ábut things have changed since then! About a month ago my bike, which had been slowly fading since July – with bits… Continue reading

Big News!

Well, Christmas has officially kicked-off with a major house-clean and Christmas ‘decos’ (my mom’s name for decorations) being fetched down from the nether-reaches of the attic. And once Elina, the sister, arrives from… Continue reading

Book Review!

I recently read a biography about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor who was very vocal during the build-up to the Nazi regime and spoke out against them and the ‘Third Reich Church’ that… Continue reading